Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election recap

As I mentioned earlier, incumbent Rick Santorum lost his seat to Democrat Bob Casey in the election for US Senator last night. Pennsylvania got a little bit bluer today.

Syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage muses on Satan-torum getting the boot.

What's up with the face of Santorum's daughter? Did she get it from the same store Tammy Faye Baker and Tonya Harding got theirs, "The Store For Women Who Cry Every Which Way The Wind Blows?"

It was a pretty good election for Democrats in my area. Governor Ed Rendell got re-elected. In the election for US representative, Republican incumbent Curt Weldon (who held the office for ten terms, was defeated by Democrat Joe Sestak.

The only disappointing thing was the race for state representative in the 156th district. At press time Republican Shannon Royer edged Democrat Barbara Smith McIlvaine in a very close race--with a difference of nineteen votes! This is definte proof that if you think that your vote doesn't count, you are dead wrong! All results are unofficial until verified by the Chester County Board of Elections. The winner will be replacing state representative Elinor Z. Taylor of West Goshen, who announced earlier this year that she is stepping down. (To which I say good riddance; she supported the failed attempt to rewrite the state constitution to include language to prohibit gay marriage earlier this year, and for voting against including gays and lesbians into Pennsylvania's hate crimes law!)

In other election news, Arizona was the first state to defeat a constitutional ban on gay marriage by popular vote. Fifty-one percent of that state's voters voted against it. Another reason why every vote counts. Seven other states weren't so lucky, which means a lot of gay and lesbians will be negatively affected by this. At least the voters in one of those states, South Dakota, overturned on Tuesday a state abortion ban that supporters were hoping to use to undermine a 33-year-old U.S. Supreme Court decision making abortion legal.



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I feel like I'm dreaming! The House and the Senate!! Is it 1994 again?

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