Friday, November 10, 2006

Democratic Party still third-party status in Chester County

In Chester County PA where I live, all the election races for state representative with a Democratic candidate have been won by Republicans in spite of the momentum of the Democratic Party nationwide. That means that they'll unfortuneately still be doing their annual 10K fag stomp, also known as efforts to write anti-gay marriage laws into the state constitution. I'm so sick and tired of having of local politians not giving a shit about my issues as a gay person. I want some politicans in this county to treat me with some fucking dignity.

At least Barbara Smith, the Democrat who ran for state representative in my district, will be not be taking her loss to the Republican by 19 votes lying down. She demands a recount. Go get him!

In spite of the increases of voters registering as Democrats in this county, the Republican Party still has a wide majority of registered voters--63,000 more than the Democrats. In other words, the Democratic Party still has third-party status in Chester County. Sadly the same as it ever was.



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