Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some recent music purchases

Here are some records that I have purchased this past month...

Helen Kane - Boop-Boop-A-Doop: 27 Original Mono Recordings 1928-1951 - The famous singer who would be the inspiration to the cartoon character Betty Boop. Includes two versions of her best known song "I Wanna Be Loved By You."

Junior Vasquez - Party Groove: White Party 7 - Bought this from the Centaur Music website. Junior's latest mix-CD of circuit anthems.

Taylor Dayne - How Many CD maxi-single - When I ordered the Junior Vasquez CD, I got this as well. Two discs worth of remixes. Of all the tracks I listen to the Menergy's Sound Factory Vox Dub the most. She hasn't released a single since this came out a couple of years back.

Liliput - Kleenex/Liliput - A double-disc compilation of the entire recorded output of the late 70s/early 80s Swiss female post-punk outfit (who started out as Kleenex but changed their name due to a copyright lawsuit). Some great post-punk stuff here, including "Ain't You," "You," "Split," and their best-known song, "Die Matrosen" (which would be covered by Book Of Love a few years later).

Delta 5 - Singles & Sessions 1979-81 - Great retrospective from the Leeds, England post-punk quintent. Having two bassists give them a jagged rhythmic edge. Lyrics often sarcastic and biting. It starts off with its first single and best known track "Mind Your Own Business;" IMHO that is one of the best post-punk/New Wave songs EVER. It sets the mood for the rest of the disc. "You" is a riot with its hilariously accusatory lyrics ("Who took me to the Wimpy's [that fast-food to you Yanks] for the big night out? YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU!"). "Try" swipes a bit of a line from the Christmas song "Do You See What I See?" "Make Up" is a crtique of, you've guess it, make-up. ("Do you wear it? Does it wear you?") Some of the radio session tracks would be rerecorded in more polished form for their one proper album See the Whirl, which came out in 1981 (and is still out of print). And there are two great essays in the linear notes as well.

Pitchfork ran a good review of this album. So has And you can check out a couple of MP3s on the Lost Bands Of The New Wave Era blog as well.

BTW I heard the Pet Shop Boys' remix of the new Madonna single "Sorry" and I think it's wonderful. I knew it would sound good considering the excellent job they did remixing Yoko Ono's "Walking On Thin Ice" a couple of years back. Thanks again to Hot Lunch for turning me on onto this.


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