Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stomach bugs, panic attacks, and is anticipation so much better?

Sorry for not posting since Thursday but I've seemed to have experienced some sort of writer's block. Plus over the weekend I caught some sort of stomach bug or something. I woke up Friday morning feeling tired, noxious and lightheaded. So for the next two days I pretty much cancelled any plans I had for that weekend except for going to work on Friday and Saturday. And though I did feel better on Sunday I still just stayed in and rested. Also had some nasty panic attacks around the same time as well, the worst ones I had since the late 90s to be exact. Shoulders and chest were feeling very tight. I know that they weren't something like a heart attack because I had recently gone to the doctor and she said that my heart and lungs were fine. So I had to simply ride it out, and when the stomach bug went away the panic attacks died down as well.

Today I went to a couple of local record stores to pick up the new Delta 5 retrospective, but neither of them had it in. They were supposed to get the CDs in but they hadn't arrived in the mail, so they said to come back in a couple of days. So I have to wait a couple of more days for that record. It looks like the label's (Kill Rock Stars) distributors has been asleep at the wheel here. Oh well as the Delta 5 song goes: Anticipation is so much better...


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