Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sorry I haven't posted more

Sorry I haven't posted much outside of the Tri-Cen run stuff recently. I've been suffering from another of my colds. This one has drained a lot of energy from me. If I wasn't going to work or my doctor I stayed home and rested. Wanted to check out out a movie this Sunday but I thought I'd rest and swave it for another day. Monday I did go into Philly for the Philadelphians general meeting though. Feeling better now, though I'm not completely over it.

I wish I could be in DC for the Mid-Altanic Leather Weekend. Some fun stuff going on down there. But I have work a good portion of that weekend, and besides I'm kinda broke from going on Tri-Cen. Plus one of my sisters is coming up from Nashville to visit a couple of days. Anyone going down there, have some fun for me!


Blogger hot-lunch said...

you take care of yourself there!! drink lots of liquids.

i wish i was at mid-atlantic leather weekend too, damnit!!

1:41 PM  

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