Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tri-Cen XVII: That 80s Run, part two

'Cause I love rock'n'roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby...

Third day of the Tri-Cen XVII run continued with another Eye-Opener Cocktail Party at the Courtyard Marriott, this time by the Spartan MC. Then it was back to Sal's on 12th again for brunch, this time held on the first floor. Then it was the People Games at the William Way Community Center, where the games included a "Create The Philadelphians' China Pattern" (shades of First Lady Nancy Reagan and her imfamous china) contest, a 80s trivia contest to end all 80s trivia contests, and a contest that where you had to make your own "Mummer Barbie" by gluing feathers, strings and various bits of cloths and glitter to cheap Barbie-like dolls in a certain amount of time.

That evening there was a Pre-Dinner cocktail hosted by Excelsior MC, where us pledges had to make a big run to the nearest 7-11 to get as much ice as we could carry. Then it was back to Tavern On Camac for a dinner buffet and some awards were given out. Below is a photo of three current Philadelphians pledges Marc, Ron and me done up in our finest leathers at that dinner. (I'm amazed that I was somehow able to get myself into my size 32 leather pants; I need keep my New Year's resolution to get out and exercise more.)

The most talked-about cocktail party was the Post-Dinner Cocktail Party that evening, hosted by the Twilight Guard. The theme was Mommie Dearest. Not only they showed the movie, the piece of pure unintentional camp that it is, they really went out on the theme. There was the party's staff that went by the title of "Joan Crawford's Cleaning Crew," themed drinks such as Lysol Punch, a couple of aprons you could sign with witty sayings (one said "Miss Crawford, the dirt is mad at you too!"), and in the background bits of dialouge from the movie were mixed with 80s songs that touched on the movie's themes (such as Culture Club's "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?"). And nothing screams party like Faye Dunaway bellowing "DON'T FUCK WITH ME, FELLAHS!" over a techno beat.

The final event was the brunch that Monday morning at the Bike Stop where a few more awards were given out and we all said our good-byes. Then us pledges and a few more Philadelphians went to the Courtyard Marriott to clean out the "Hospitality Suite" and move some stuff out of there to store at the William Way Center. Then Marc, Ron and I went back to their apartment to rest for the whole afternoon since we were tired from running around. And I unfortuneately I came down with an energy-draining cold due to a nasty rainstorm that afternoon, so I wound up leaving around 7pm, later than I had originally planned. Other than that last bit I had an enjoyable weekend. Thanks to Marc and Ron for all their hospitality. (Plus a shout-out to Blackkat and his boi tony, plus a wink to Jeff for demonstrating what "pledge-on-pledge action" means!)

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