Thursday, December 08, 2005

Straight supremacy in PA's state constitution?

In Pennsylvania the bigots are now trying to write straight supremacy into the state constitution. State representative Scott Boyd (a RepibliKKKan from Lancaster) is drafting an Amendment to the state constitution that would deny gay and lesbian families legal recognition. Four other representatives have already signed on to this mean, discriminatory proposal called the Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment.

With elections eleven months away, Republicans are looking for ways to keep their majority in the state House of Representatives and Senate. People are pissed that state representatives and senators have voted themselves a big fat pay raise when they were cutting funds for services left and right (mostly right). So is this one mean-spirited way to keep those officials in office. Just put on that KKK robe and work the mob. "Me, who voted myself a big pay raise while cutting services like libraries? Never mind that, I saved marriage from those lowly homos!" And I'm afraid this is the wedge that will keep Satan-torum in office as US senator, who's also up for re-election next year.

I hope in the name of human deceny that this measure does not become law. I just hope not.

Sometimes you can hear nothing but the sound of pain.


Anonymous Kirstie said...

What the democrats or the liberals in general would say if they were smart (I point this out whenever possible) is that basically all these tactics mean is that the republicans are against family values. One can specifically point to the Cheney and Keyes family of course. I think it's best to expose their two sided hypocrisy.

I get down about this stuff too because I feel like the US is headed in the wrong direction but you have to see it in terms of longer time periods. This nation continues to get more liberal in many ways. Yes, it feels like it's all doomed now in the Bush era and we certainly have a long way to go but I have alot more hope looking at the poll numbers against Bush. We've had other highly oppressive eras in America that have also come to pass and it's possible we will get through this one and we'll learn something.

When you look at the US map and see who did and who didn't vote for Bush, it is more revealing to look at it city vs. suburb and rural areas instead of just comparing between states. When people have more of an opportunity to interact with eachother, they are educated and exposed to more intelligent viewpoints. When people are isolated, they fear anything or one that isn't exactly like them. We'll continue to grow as a population and we'll have to learn how to get along with eachother. I do believe there will come a time when the majority of the people in our county will realize that everyone needs to be treated equally. I also hope that in fifty years from now, kids will be learning about Bush with the idea that he was an advocate of oppression of his citizens despite touting the idea of freedom. We need more liberals writing history texts.

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