Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm chilling out on posting Madonna stuff after this

Now I love Madonna to death but I do think I have step back from posting more items about her after I post this. I don't want to get too obsessive about this, I want to post more things that just pop culture stuff...

Madonna's latest album Confessions on a Dance Floor has sold nearly 350,000 copies in the past week, entering the Billboard's albums chart at #1. Her single "Hung Up" also entered the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 this week at #7. Glad to have some real dance music on the US pop charts in 2005 for a change.

Forgot to review the CD maxi-single of "Hung Up" in my last post. It has six tracks, including a radio edit. The SDP Extended Mix and the SDP Extended Dub are done by COADF producer Stuart Price, with a heavier beat for the dance clubs. Tracy Young's Get Up Ands Dance Groove Mix is good too, but it's only an edit here. Where's the full length version that was featured on Madonna's MySpace page recently? The other mixes are okay.

The good news about the success of her album is something for Madonna to take her mind off her recent losing a plagiarism case
in Belgium. Salvatore Acquaviva claimed that Madonna's "Frozen" copied one of his recordings, in which a Belgian court agreed with him. That means that the record company there has get radio and TV stations in that country to stop playing the song. The judge also ordered the record company to withdraw Ray of Light, the Madonna album on which Frozen appears, from sale in that country as well.


Blogger The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

I loved Ray of Light; Music and American Life left me cold. I have yet to hear Confessions.

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