Sunday, November 20, 2005

I don't do the dishes, I throw them in the rehab clinic!

The Guardian, a respected UK newspaper, recently did an interview with Courtney Love, who's doing a six month sentence at a California rehab clinic. A couple of choice quotes:

"I just sort of lost faith in myself last year. Getting dragged off to Bellevue [notorious New York mental institution] in front of the whole fucking world, it can really zap a person's confidence. I don't know of anybody else that's a celebrity that's done it other than Marilyn Monroe."

Courtney on how she's getting along with the others in rehab:

"I'd sit at a meeting and I'd say I feel like doing blow today and all of a sudden there'd be a line of people that wanted to do drugs with me and it would be like 'Relapse?' 'Let's call Courtney.'"


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