Thursday, November 17, 2005

My birthday report

My 40th birthday went pretty well for the past two days. Tuesday night I went with my parents and my sister Tracy to the Cheesecake Factory in King Of Prussia to have dinner and a couple of drinks. Very crowded but we didn't have to wait too long to get a table. Nice drinks, and the portions were big. Didn't stay for cheesecake since there was a birthday cake waiting for me back at home (chocolate with cream cheese dressing).

Drove into Philly (in the pouring rain) last night for a little get-together with a few friends at the Westbury. Had a nice table with balloons. There were six of us altogether: me and my friends Mike, Richard, my pledge brothers Marc and Ron, and Perry (from Wimington DE). (I also invited a couple of others as well but they didn't show up.) We had some appitizers and a nice white cake. Occasionally there a nearby woman who insisted on singing some Celine Dion song that came on the jukebox, it was the equivalent of watching a train wreck. (BTW I don't like the Westbury's current jukebox, a TouchTunes digital jukebox that's very limited in its selection of music; I much perfered the CD jukebox they had before.) Anyhow, everyone enjoyed themselves. I originally was going to check out the Dumpsta Players at Bob and Barbara's after that, but between the rain outside and my sinuses acting up I decided to pass on that because I didn't to make it worse, so I went home instead, dropping Mike off at his place in South Philly along the way.

I've already got two copies of the new Madonna album, one I downloaded from iTunes and the other one I picked up at the local Target when I was doing some errands on Wednesday. I'll probably get a third copy for my car. Needless to say I am enjoying it so far. I also picked the new "Hung Up" CD maxi-single as well, which has a few remixes. I'll post a review of the album in a couple of days when I am more familiar with it. Madonna for my birthday, yeah!


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mmmm i love those sliders at the Cheesecake Factory...!!

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