Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Weighing in

Just wanted to respond to the comments about my post where I said I had gained some weight. I didn't mean to come off as vain. I'm a little bit sensitive about getting a big beer gut right now. Everytime I see my parents they're always saying that my stomach has gotten big. Does everyone's parents give them grief about their weight? Plus it's been harder to get into my size 33 Levis 501s and I don't want to spend a lot on money on getting a whole new wardobe. It'd be easier just to lose the weight. I have a pair of expensive size 32 leather pants I don't want to give up; I guess they're what Sex and the City refer to as "skinny jeans." I guess body fascism in the gay community can affect one's psyche. You, as well as other people, can tell yourself you look good but there's always a nagging little voice inside of you saying that you could look better. Anyhow I'm wary about diets like Atkins and South Beach, which sound kind of faddish to me; right now I'm just going to cut back on the in-between-meal snacking and excerise more by walking and doing stomach crunches. I'm making on a workout tape to motivate me to exercise more. Anyway I'm just going shut up since I'm sounding like a prat and just start walking. And if I don't lose the weight it's not the end of the world--the bear community has shown me that!


Blogger James O. Phillips said...

Sounds like you are a man on a mission. Keep up the good work!

I finally got to where I knew I needed to loose weight somehow or another because I was going to have to get all new clothes cuz my clothes were getting a bit too tight for my own comfort.

My mom used to nag me about my weight as well. That's actually another part of why I decided to loose weight just to shut her up...

Good luck,


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