Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My worst cold so far this season and other fun stuff

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I caught yet another bad cold over the weekend. I could hardly get out of bed on Monday, so had to cancel all my plans that day. I really hate this, I've been fighting this fucking cold for nearly a month now. When will it all end?

Cold or no cold, the Philadelphians Holiday Social on Sunday went very well. I helped out selling 50/50 raffle tickets, five dollars for a bunch of tickets measured from crotch to floor, plus a photo taken with Santa (who BTW was sexily played by my fellow pledge Marc, with follow pledge Ron done up as a reindeer/elf taking the Polaroid pictures). I had to be on my knees to measure the (usually male) person's inseam. Needless to say I sold a lot of tickets, and I did a good job of that as well. I spent good deal of the time running around with my shirt off, wearing my leather vest over my hairy chest. Not a good thing with a cold in retrospect, considering I felt worse the next day. But it was warm down in the Pit Stop of the Bike Stop, and I did get a couple nice comments on my furry arms and chest. Overall it was a fun time. Christmas is an excellent excuse to throw some parties.


Blogger hot-lunch said...

yikes, i hope u get well soon! i too have been sickly this season. so not fun.

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