Thursday, September 01, 2005

Music for uplift

The events of the past few days have really gotten me down and I definitely need to listen to some uplifting music this weekend. 80s new wave, dance and female rockers like Joan Jett and the Go-Go's. I was also hoping to pick up the US release of Anastacia's self-titled album which was supposed to come out on August 30. (It's been released internationally a year and a half ago.) Now it seems that it's been either been cancelled or pushed back. This is the second time that this had happened; it was first scheduled to come out in America in July 2004. Appearently her single "Left Outside Alone" didn't click at US Top 40 radio for a second time. I guess they don't play it because either she's considered too old to be a pop commodity in America (she's in her late 30s) or that she doesn't rent a rapper on her records. I was hoping that Anastacia and the record company would have bothered to release it here anyway and do some promo. Oh well she could always do a reality show a la Kathy Griffin with a theme of "I'm a popular singer everywhere but in my native country America" to it. Or hook up with PuffDaddyPDiddy or whatever his name is for the next album. It's just another example that the music industry, like life, is not always fair. At least I've got those mix CD's I've made in the past couple weeks to crank up on the car stereo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger James O. Phillips said...

I too am pissed about the US non-release of Anastacia's Anastacia album. I was supposed to get it and Amazon is STILL listing that it came out on the 30th of August. Now watch this - I may go ahead and get an import of it, and it will come out within a few weeks. (This happened to me when I had imported Dannii Minogue's Neon Nights album and low and behold the US version came out shortly thereafter.)


10:35 AM  

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