Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gay people and Katrina

I'm worried about the gay people that live(d) in New Orleans. It's bad enough that they have to go through a hurricane and flood and probably lose everything. There'a the additional baggage of homophobia and homo-hatred. Someone might be trying to find a missing lover or partner and the cops or rescue workers could be just dismissive of them. They could get turned down for shelter or food. They could be harrassed or assulted at the local shelter. They could lose a lover or partner and might have trouble collecting insurance or health benefits, or end up not getting them at all, since last November Lousisana was one of the eleven states that voted to ban gay marriage. A homophobic relative could contest the will and be successful due to that anti-gay marriage law. And to top that off, some people are going around holding them responible for the hurricane itself, such as those assholes from the Repent AmeriKKKa website. That just pissed me off to no end. Not all gay men and women have that "disposible income" that advertisers like to dream about. Not all gay people live in a "Will & Grace" fantasy land where everyone is well off and well-dressed and have frequent guest starts drop in. These gay people need anti-gay discrimination laws and it's likely that they're either insufficent or just not there.


Blogger The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

I feel for our gay borthers and lesbian sisters, too. I am sure it is hell, especially when you are a queer person who has to endure the homophobic assaults after such a tragedy.

The sad thing is that all Gay People could use some consideration for each other. We are part of the problem when we turn our backs on our borthers and sisters who are old, disabled, poor and minority. Ihave yet to see any real signs of life from our so called Gay Leaders to try to get people united.

As for Fred Phelps and his inbred group of sickos; I hope that if there is a hell--they burn in it!

1:02 AM  
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