Sunday, September 25, 2005

First weekend of fall

Well the first weekend of the new fall season is winding down to an end. It was still sunny outside and the trees were still mostly green, though a few leaves were starting to fall onto the ground. But it did get cooler, and the nights are starting to be longer. As I'm sad that summer's gone, I still think that autumn is a great season with the leaves turning all those different colors.

Last night I went into Philly to the Bike Stop. The bar was having a Spartans MC bar night from 8pm to midnight. The Spartans are a leather farternity for the DC/Baltimore area. It was a good night. I also saw several members from the Philadelphians MC there. This will the first event I've been to since I started as a pledge to the Philadelphians.

Today I worked on my latest CD-R compilation called Autumn Mix 2005 and I posted the tracklisting on It features songs that make me think of fall. Some of them were released during the fall while others just have the feeling of an ornate autumn day.

One album I listen to a lot when autumn comes around is Want One by Rufus Wainwright. It was released on September 23, 2003, and I find it to have the lush and ornate qualities I see in the fall. Its quite theaterical, sophisicated, and poignant. Someone once described Rufus's music as "opera disguised as pop music." He definitely has a good pop sense in his music with songs like "Movies of Myself" and "I Don't Know What It Is." And "14th Street" will be gracing every break-up-theme mixed tape I make. (And I used two tracks from this album for my new mix-CD, "I Don't Know..." and "Harvester of Hearts.") I can't decide if I think that this is his best album or that his 1998 self-titled debut LP is instead (which has quite a few spring-like qualities to that one). Anyhow, I think that Want One is an excellent album to play this time of year.


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