Friday, September 16, 2005

New Orleans Relief Contest

I first heard about this contest at the Philadelphians general meeting this past Monday and I thought that I'd pass this along.


Catherine Gross (, Ms. Victoria, and Viola Johnson (see her site) are sponsoring a fundraiser to help members of the New Orleans leather community. So many have lost everything in the wake of Katrina's devastating impact, and we want to help them rebuild their lives and communities. While many individuals and organizations are contributing their time, money and support to the relief effort, it is our hope that a concerted group effort will enable us to offer even more to extended members of our leather family who are in desperate need.

The fundraiser will be in the form of a contest, which will be open to clubs, events, businesses, and e-mail lists. The group contributing the largest donation will win a basket from Fetish Auctioneer, valued at $250.00. All funds collected will be split between the clubs in New Orleans: Lords of Leather , N.O.B.L.E. , Knights d'Orleans, New Orleans Bear & Bear Trappers, and Crescent City Outlaws, for distribution to our leather brothers and sisters in need.

The contest will run from September 7th, 2005 to October 20th, 2005.

P.S. You can make donations at that site as well. Click here for more details.


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