Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mr. Double L 2005 Contest

Yesterday I went down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to watch the Mr. Double L 2005 Contest. This was the first leather contest I have seen in eighteen months. The last one I attended was the Mr. and Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2004 contest in February of that year. (I missed this year's due to a bad cold.) The drive down was okay though my allergies were acting up. I arrived in Rehoboth around 6pm and I had dinner and took a brief drive down the main strip (which is Rehoboth Avenue) before heading over to the Double L Bar, Rehoboth's leather bar. The place filled up quickly and I noticed quite a few people from Philly in the crowd (including Mr. Philly Leather 2005 Bill Hawk and his husbear Dan). I have been to this bar five times during this summer and I believe that this was the most crowded I've seen.

Anyhow four contestants was vying for the title of Mr. Double L 2005. It took place out by the bar's patio. Lots of leather title-holders in the crowd. Before the winner was announced there was a stepping-down speech from Steve Ranger, Mr. Double L 2004 and Mr. Mid-Alantic Leather 2005. The Brotherhood award went to BJ Smith, who had the biggest crowd respone with his rugged good looks. First runner-up went to Roy Cotter, and the winner was Scott Harris from Virgina.

It started to rain around quarter of midnight, fifteen minutes after the contest ended. (I could see lighting in the sky during the second half of the contest.) The bar got jam packed and I decided to leave. So I drove for half an hour and crashed at my parent's shore place down in Ocean City, Maryland.

This morning I headed back home, making a few leisurely stops along the way, including a visit to my friend Perry in Wilmington, Delaware. The weather turned out lovely today, very sunny and warm. I'm glad that we're going to have a least one more weekend of summer weather.

I didn't get any pictures of the contest but I hope to at least post a link when the contest photos come up on the Double L Bar website.


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I met Bill and Dan when I once had a life and belonged to the Liberty Bears.

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