Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My night in Philly & Santa Saturday

BTW I was at the Bike Stop last night for the Philadelphians MC general meeting last night. I had a good time there. In fact, I just started the process to become a full member of the group. So the next few several months are going to be an interesting and exciting time as a pledge.

Speaking of leather events I found out that the Bucks MC will be holding the 32nd annual Santa Saturday at the Raven in New Hope, PA on Saturday November 26, 2005. In the past it was held at the Cartwheel, which was burned down in a fire back in April and has not been re-opened since then. The Raven isn't as big as the Cartwheel but I heard that they are making some accomdations for the potential crowd. Let's hope things will go well.


Blogger hot-lunch said...

Fun! I never fit in at those leather events, seeing as I don't wear leather. But boy can I lick a boot spotless! My "Boot Licker" shirt is the only way i can advertise that...

10:21 PM  

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