Friday, September 30, 2005

Courtney Love interview in Spin

"Courtney Love: Let the healing begin" (from October 2005 issue of Spin):

It's been 11 years since Live Through This came out. Are you still bitter about rumors that you didn't write a lot of the songs?

I don't give a shit anymore. My number one thing to work on is not being reactive - but appropriateness doesn't come easily to me sometimes. One of the reasons I hate Dave [Grohl] so much is he went on Howard Stern and said "I like 'Teenage Whore' because I know she wrote it." That stupid motherfucker. He knows exactly what I wrote, he knows exactly the input I had on [Nirvana's] third album. Kurt came [by the studio] to play with [Hole] more than he did with Nirvana because he liked us better. But, hey, it wouldn't be Spin if I wasn't slagging anybody.

You've had a career as both an actress and a musician. What's the difference?

Being a rock star is like being a cult leader - you really have to be in your own religion. Movie stars are supposed to be healthy. They're kept happy and nutritionally together. In rock stardom there's an absolute economic upside to self-destruction. What makes the most money for this business? Dead rock stars.

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