Thursday, November 13, 2008

Philadelphians MC 34th Anniversary

My Halloween night might have been a disappointment, but the rest of that weekend went better. I worked on the following Saturday morning, then I quickly changed into my club uniform shirt as I drove to Paoli to take the R5 train into Philly. (I felt like Clark Kent changing into Superman, where's a phone booth when you need it?) Driving to the station, I couldn't believe how warm it was--71 degrees F in November--I didn't even need to bring a jacket. Met my club brothers at Tavern On Camac, where the club anniversary brunch was held from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. It was fun and the food was very nice. Then we had our club photos taken--above is one where all of us were giving our best Sarah Palin wink. Then we went to the Bike Stop for cocktail hour.

The following evening WOOF Philly had the club as the guest of honor. Took the train in again and picked up a quick burger before going there. WOOF was very nice even if there weren't a lot of people there that evening. I had fun talking to the club brothers and other friend that did make it there.

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