Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Olympia XX photos: Amy Winehouse Edition

When I posted the first bunch of photos I took at Olympia, I posted a picture featuring eight members of the Philadelphians MC done up as singer/celebrity trainwreck Amy Winehouse for a synchronized swimming routine. At the past few Olympia runs it's kind of become a tradition for a bunch of the club members to get dressed up in campy outfits for such a routine. I followed them around that Saturday morning around the camp taking a bunch of photos. (I guess that it makes me one of the paparazzi then.) Looking at them when they were developed, I figured that they needed to have their own separate post; it was too good to stick them in with the other photos. So here they are:

Now notice how they copied Amy's Back To Black look. Big black beehive, fake tattoo sleeves, a ciggy in the hand (or mouth).

Rehearsing the routine.

Light the Menorah!

"What are you looking at? We're people too!"

After running around the camp it was time to go down to the campground's pool to perform.

The Amy Winehouse synchronized swimming team finally get to do their routine to the Hot Chip remix of "Rehab."

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Blogger Pax Romano said...

I feel the need to post one of those videos ... "Leave Amy Aloonnneeee"

Thank you for a the laugh of the week!

9:35 PM  

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