Friday, June 02, 2006

Memorial Day weekend

Overall my Memorial Day weekend went well. Spent Friday night packing listening to "Land Of The Lost" on WXPN. Went to work Saturday morning, got off at 1pm, went home, changed, and was off by 2. Traffic wasn't a problem going down. Made a brief stop in Rehoboth Beach to see what was happening that weekend. Got to my parent's place at the shore in Ocean City MD by 6. Unpacked and had dinner. Drove up back up to Rehoboth to get to the Double L Bar around 9:30pm, where I ran into several people I knew during the course of the evening.

It was sunny the next day until around 3-4pm when a heavy fog started rolling in. Originally made plans to go back up to Rehoboth but I didn't feel great, so I just had a couple slices of pizza at a nearby place. Monday I left to get back home around 10:30am in order to beat the traffic. Stopped over in Rehoboth to have some lunch. The drive back was the most part okay, apart from a couple bits of heavy traffic. Also bought a copy of Supernature by Goldfrapp at a Circuit City in Wilmington Delaware, which was selling all single CDs for $9.77 for two days only. Got back home around 3:30pm.

Now my vacation is done and it's back to the same depressing grind.


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