Monday, October 10, 2005

OutFest weekend

Watched the season premiere of In Bed With Butch on WYBE Saturday night. It turned out that they didn't air the Randy Jones episode (they'll air that one next week) but a recap of the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian film festival. There were some technical difficulties with that airing; the video would freeze for a few seconds but the audio would continue--it was like watching something over the net with a slow connection, only the screen was bigger. But it was a good episode. BTW Butch mentioned that there's now a website called but it doesn't seem to be running for now.

Drove in Philly Sunday and spent half an hour looking for an open parking space on the street but ended up parking in a gearage several blocks away from the Gayborhood. Arrived at Outfest around three. My timing must have been good when I headed towards the main stage areaon 13th and Locust when the Dumpsta Players came out on stage then and I could hear Jimmi (Life Of Pinky Bear) miming to Divine's "Born To Be Cheap." Cathy and Sara from the DPs did a hilarious take on the fake-lesbian Russian schoolgirl anthem TATU's "All The Things She Said." I had a few words with Jimmi after the performance and gave him a copy of my Madame Rock's Home For Wayward Grrls CD compilation, and he was very nice. Hope to have a longer chat next time.

Went to the Bike Stop at five to help set up for the Philadelphians Social, which was called "OctoberFist." It turned out to be a big sucess. It was packed. Me and the other pledges Marc and Ron had to help keep an eye out on making sure the food tables (which were catered with some Itialian dishes) were well-stocked and to help out with the 50-50 rafffles. We also cleaned up at ten pm. Overall we were commended on doing a great job. Other than a headache that was nagging me all day (it must have been either my allegeries acting up or the effects of the two prior rainy days; at least it didn't rain Sunday!) I had a good time today.


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