Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More gay marriage news in Pennsylvania

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights is coordinating the Value All Families Coalition rally opposing the anti-gay state constitutional amendments in Harrisburg, PA on March 14th. The rally will occur in the Capitol Rotunda at 2:00pm. Lobby training will be held a block away from the Capitol building at 11:00am at St. Michael Lutheran Church,118 State St., Harrisburg. The coalition encourages people to visit legislators that day in Harrisburg from Noon to 1:45pm. Click on this link for talking points and tips on how to schedule a meeting with your legislator. The Center is trying to organize bus transportation to Harrisburg from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. (I hope some people from Chester COunty will be representing as well.) If you are interested in taking a bus to the rally or need additional information, call the Center at 215-731-1447 ext. 10, or go to their website.


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