Friday, February 17, 2006

Searching for the good straight father here in PA?

I've got mixed feeling about the 10th annual HRC Gala Equality Dinner this coming Saturday, which has Robert Casey Jr. as keynote speaker and Pattie LaBelle as a special guest. Actually it's more on Robert Casey Jr. himself, who's running against incumbent Satan-torum for US Senator and has been busy fundraising, including at gay events. The primary's a couple of months off but already people hae been acting like Casey's already won that. There are other Democrats out there that can do a good job as Casey could do; in some cases better (Casey has been vocally anti-woman's right to choose an abortion). The reason why Casey is coming off as a Democratic Golden Boy is that he has huge campaign coffers. (He has $3.5 million so far, Santorum has $8. Depressing.) If this is the reason, why don't just junk the voting process and just set the senantorial seat up for auction to the highest bidder and just stop this sham that polictians are voted in through a democratic process?

A few months ago I had written how the gay community tends to build up straight policticians to help fight for the community, sort of like a father (or mother) figure would to protect us, only to end up being disappointed and betrayed. I'm afraid that us gay people here in the state of Pennsylvania are re-living that scenario yet again; this time Casey is set up as the role of the Good Straight Father. So when the elections are done in November we'll either end up with a bumbling doofus (Casey) or an abusive shit (Santorum) . I guess we're not ready to admit that there is no Good Straight Father to kiss our scraped knees and tell us everything will be alright.

Plus with the (small) salary I make I can't afford those damn $175-250-350 a plate fundraiser dinners anyway. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean that I'm living the life of Will & Grace luxury. Not all gay people are rich you know.


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