Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Video #10: Dolly Parton

The inspiration for posting this video of Dolly Parton performing "Dumb Blonde," her first hit on the country charts back in 1967, was of all things professional idiot Jessica Simpson. Jessica was performing at the 29th Annual Kennedy Center Honors this past Sunday, where Dolly was one of the five honorees. Jessica was singing "9 to 5" but she flubbed one of her lines even though she was reading from cue cards. (And she had about a month to prepare for this.) She then abruptly exited the stage, mumbling some excuse about being nervous. She then went back on and redid the song. The botched first take has hit the internet and the TV news shows. Looks like Jessica is heading for a nervous breakdown. At least she didn't get the chance to ruin Dolly's "Dumb Blonde!"



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