Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Panic attacks on vacation

Yesterday afternoon I had a bad panic attack driving up from the shore. I was halfway back home when my muscles started tensing up and it felt like my brain was freezing. And to top it off I had to drove in a huge rain downpour. I was feeling like if I didn't continue driving back home I would probably black out or something like that. I had to keep telling myself that I was fine and I was just having a panic attack. It seemed like I had to stop at every red light at every intersection for the last hour, making the trip seem longer than it was. Needless to say I got home in one piece and somehow managed to wind down.

Anyhow this was a ugly end to an otherwise agreeable two-day trip down to Ocean City MD to spend some time with my family, including one of my two sisters, who now lives in Nashville. Did go up to Rehoboth Beach Saturday night. The crowd for the Double L was light for a Saturday night during summer--people must have been going up to New York City for Gay Pride there. I also stopped at the Lambda Rising bookstore on Baltimore Avenue and bought a book there, Hard by Wayne Hoffman, which I'll start reading in about a week or two.

I wish I could have been up to NYC for pride as well...Kevin Aviance rode the HX float in the New York Gay Pride Parade and got lots of applause. (He had to get his jaw un-wired for one day so he could make his appearance there.) There was a good turnout for the parade in spite of the rain.


Blogger The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

I have had panic attacks, they are a bitch. Hang in there.

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