Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush is such a moral compass...NOT!

President Swears, Mic Live, Brits Amused

President George W. Bush to Prime Minister Tony Blair: "What [the United Nations] need to do is to get Syria to stop Hezbollah from doing this shit."

Now watch Bush put some spin on why he cursed when he thought that mike was off. He'll (and all his conservative supporters) probably excuse himself saying that God will forgive him for that. Of course if a Democrat did the same thing, he'd pratically be lynched.

Of course there will be a huge hussy fit thrown by the moral-nazis (and the FCC) in this country, just like when Janet Jackson accidentally showed her tit on TV two years ago. And in both cases Europeans will be amused by the Americans' uptightness, since the Europeans are more open and tolerant on such matters like nudity and language.

I don't look to presidents as my moral guides. They just end up showing themselves as hypocritical and thinking of themselves as above the law. Bush and Bill Clinton go on against gay marriage as if they were some high-ass moral compass, then they go do something hypocritical like swearing when they think the mike is off, or get some jizz on their groupie's intern's blue dress! Things like that just shown them as human as everyone else.


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