Thursday, July 20, 2006

Catching up

This past Tuesday evening there was a nasty thunderstorm that shut down the electricity in a lot of places in the southeast PA region. Where I live the power went out about eight PM that evening and didn't come back on until four and a half hours later. A number of places weren't so lucky, since the power still has not come back on--including the place where I work, so the place wasn't open either yesterday or today. ( I had Wednesday off anyway, but I was supposed to go in today.)

Lost in all the hubbub over the storm was the story that the Borough council members of West Chester are still talking about an anti-discrimination ordinance that would say that it would be wrong to discriminate someone in employment, housing, or public accommodation due to sexual orientation.

Today's Philadelphia's City Paper has run a cover story about the merger of WXPN and what was left of Y-100/ It wouldn't be a total surprise to me, since WXPN has been operating as the de facto "alternative" station in the area for years when there was/is no such commercial radio station.

That documentary I saw at the Philly Gay Film Festival this past Sunday, With You, was good. It was about the trials and tribulations of the NYC gay rubgy team the Gotham Knights going through the 2003 season. A lot of the players that year were going into the sport pretty green, so it wouldn't have been a total surprise that they would have troubling standing up against the more experienced (and straight) rugby teams in the area. It was like the Peanuts comic strips where Charlie Brown's baseball team would lose to the other team by a huge margin like 168-0. For the Knights to even make a score against the other team would be a source for celebration. (The team would improve their performance the following seasons.) In between the games there are intense training, bonding between the team members, and post-game drinking bouts at the Eagle--or if it's an away game, on the bus--complete with singing songs of drinking and playing. It basicly does its job shedding some light on what goes on with a gay rubgy team to the (mainly middle-aged, surprising not that many jocks considering what this film was about) audience.


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